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I am an ABRSM member, teaching piano, guitar, bass, sax, songwriting and arranging to private pupils in the Worthing area. I have been a registered teacher with Sussex Academy of Music as a multi-instrumental music teacher in West Sussex schools. I have a flexible approach to teaching these instruments and methods, tailoring my approach to the individual's abilities, preferences and requirements but always with an eye on development and achieving milestones and always ensuring a desirable level of engagement is maintained.
Having worked as an Associate Lecturer in Music Theory and Performance at Chichester University on the B.A. Performing Arts course and having been a professional musician since 1994, I have a wealth of experience, teaching, creating and performing music. I have run improvisation workshops and concerts and have written, played and sang in a number of rock groups, touring and releasing records worldwide - with previous experience of playing in orchestras, bands, dance bands and choirs which involved working closely with internationally renowned composers and songwriters and covering a massive array of styles. I continue to write, record and perform my own music, the most recent album being released in 2019 and continue to tour and collaborate with other notable artists. I am a member of PRS and have had music published by Chrysalis Publishing.
I have managed a care home and the 15 years experience of supporting people with learning disabilities as well as mental health problems there makes me an ideal person in tutoring pupils with special requirements. 

The situation with covid-19 has meant that many of us are having to redefine our working parameters. As a teacher, I am using the many online tools and resources available to us all to fulfill a satisfactory teaching system. I use Zoom with a second camera to show hand positions, a large shared Midi piano screen, Sibelius, Logic Pro X where necessary and online sheet music editions to enhance the learning experience and feedback fully on each lesson via email, attaching all relevant documents.

I offer a free hour's consultation and set up session to help people who are unsure of the technical side of things, (which can be daunting as I also found) so that you can get the best out of your own available tech resources for the lessons.
I started learning the piano aged 5 and the sax from age 11. I remember very clearly the energy and positivity of some of my tutors, how they nurtured my progress over the years and encouraged me to improve the various aspects of my musical knowledge and performance. My mission is to be such a teacher, to inspire, mentor and develop skills and a working love of music in my students.
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